Is it possible to include the Volume when creating Direct shape objects?


I have found that if i use the command “Add direct shape” the object that appear in Revit will not contain any volume.

But if i instead create a family using a Generic model template, adding the same object in to that family and placing that family on location (0,0,0) that family will contain volume even if its the same object.

The issue i see is that if i were to use this method i will need to create one family for each element and they all will be placed on Internal Origo.

Would there be a way to include the Volume directly to the Direct shape commands?

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We can add a volume project parameter to the category you’re assigning the Direct Shape to and fill it out.

Direct Shapes can be various geometries and categories, many of which volume wouldn’t apply to, hence no default parameters.

First add a new Project Parameter to the project in the desired category.

Create your DirectShapes and set the created volume parameter

With Tracking Mode set to Reconstruct it will update the Parameter on changes.


or with Tracking Mode disabled it creates a series of objects each with their respective Volume.


Thanks Japhy.

This is more of a Text based approach where the volume will pushed in via text/number to Revit?

It would be so handy if the hardcoded inbuilt “Volume” would be used same way as a normal Revit Family, then I know that if someone changes the object manually the family will always store the correct volume.

I see that as long as I keep control and have the script open it will always bring back the correct volume even if i manually change it.

If you make a number series and graft the point you can keep the tracking mode to Reconstruct if you want :smiley:

ı dont think it is possible to include native Revit volumes using Directshape not because RIR but Revit doesn’t provide an API for it.:man_shrugging:

Nice Martin, looks like you’ve got the gist of working with parameters on Direct Shapes.

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