Develop standalone software

Hi everyone,

this is my first topic in the forum; actually my team and I need to convert a gh script into a stand alone software that shows no sign of rhino, basically we need to change the interface and maybe convert the scripts in someon more efficient language.

Does anyone know which would be the more suitable approach?

Thank you


So you would like advice about making some software that does what Rhino and Grasshopper can do but will actually mean people don’t have to purchase Rhino to use it and instead pay you directly, unless of course you are going to give it away for free. A bit like the advice you are seeking.

Is that the gist of your question?

EDIT: To put my reply into perspective. You would be better off asking advice about creating a Plug-in to Rhino that no longer has ties to Grasshopper. Which still requires Rhino and therefore the purchasing of Rhino by your customer base.

There have been some works on converting grasshopper definitions into some sort of “viewer” format

I’m sorry, I think I didn’t explain correctly …
Actually I want to make a software based on Rhino, but with a personalised user interface … and this software should execute a script that is actually made in Grasshopper.

So, basically, what I’m looking for is:

-how to change the interface of rhino
-how to translate the entire GH in some more efficient language ( about that I was thinking about python for the node in code function and I was wondering if that is the right choice)

Rhino can be skinned to look like not-Rhino. This is called the Rhino Application Platform:

Depending on what your Grasshopper file does, porting it to code will either be very easy, very hard, or something in between. Python is a good choice, so is C# or VB.NET or C++. I really cannot comment more without knowing which components have to be replicated.

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