Is everyone this messy with it?

please tell me I’m not the only one who makes a total mess out of the canvas lol


This is art.


I often had GH warnings with this one. Notice the Navigate panel.


Yep, any time I have critical parameters (eg a constant tolerance, angle, offset distance, any amount of trigonometry etc. etc.) it inevitably becomes spaghetti since the same parameter is linked all over the place on the canvas.

I wish there was a on-the-fly action to define a custom primitive component that appears on the toolbar only in the context of the script. Something like “primitive-ize” which would bind the value of the created primitive component to the results of another component on the script which would still allow for updates and changes. But each time you needed to use that value, you would use the primitive component version of it instead of dragging out another strand of spaghetti.

(just before anyone suggests that hidden wires does something similar, may I remind them that people in this forum [and other colleagues] do not like troubleshooting scripts with hidden connections)


Anyone that want to squeeze the best out of grasshopper will end in a messy definition like yours… at least once.

If you are working with something that is going to end soon, no problem.
But if you think you might re-use that definition in future, make some annotations, scribbles, groups, to help your future self understand what is going on here and there.
Nothing to do with wires, those are needed, maybe use some relay or such…


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