And they say, it's hard to find pasta during covid-19

Share with us your best spaghetti, here is the current one that I am working on!

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Very organised in comparison! I feel like there needs to be a script that untangles the mess that people like me make :smiley:

… i like how i feel not alone in this:

… and then i proceed to break both :rofl:

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I can’t read code that is scattered all over the place. I’ve seen some SIMPLE models with components spread out so far that constant scrolling, sideways and vertical, is needed to follow the wires. I like to see a sensible group of components on a single screen without having to scroll at all.

An old programmer’s adage is that any function or procedure should not occupy more than 25 lines of text, 80 characters per line. More than that should be split into multiple functions. Or groups in GH.

This post brought a smile to my face… Pasta indeed, and I thought I was the only one!
Doesn’t it seem that organizing is half the battle? I sure like telepathy. I can place all of my numeric controls as well as calculation in one place. It also gives me one more way/place to label things.