Irregular curves on the surface

How can subdivide the surface and make such irregular curves on it (ribbon lighting as at the front of the building and as on the floor covering)?

Could, of course, just highlight curves and lengthen/shorten them (which would take more time).

I think there’s a more efficient and effective way to build such curves on surfaces, but I can’t figure it out.
Irregular (165.4 KB)


Watching your file, I’m assuming that you’re looking to make something like picture 1.
The two other picture do not seem to follow the surface UVs.

Here is a very crude approach that could use some decent refinement based on what you’re looking for… Note that I used Heteroptera’s “careless range” component by pure lazyness. You can find it in Rhino’s package manager, it’s a very useful plugin.

You can tweak the highlighted sliders to see variations

Irregular (158.7 KB)


@antoinemaes thanks for the great answer! Is it possible to somehow adjust the curve length range so that it’s not too fractional (not like a dotted line). Something like this (so that adjacent curves kind of catch up with each other and interrupt somewhere)?

randomly like on your rhino image?
one out of two like on the render image?

Yes, as in this image :sweat_smile:

Would it be something like this?

I’m not happy how the stepper works, but I don’t have time to find another way for now.
Move the slider “step_adjuster” for variants…

The amount of curves depends (very naively) on the width of the surface.
This dependency will need to be changed if the surface becomes more complex (roll on itself for example).

I used another surface for better tests.
I’d suggest that you modify your surface UV (maybe rebuilding is should help already).

Let me know if you got questions about the file !

Irregular (192.8 KB)

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Yes, that’s what’s needed. Thank you @antoinemaes for all your help and explanations! :slightly_smiling_face:
If I have a question about animation in Tapeworm can I address it in the forum?

You’re welcome !

Of course !

We don’t have a hashtag, but you can tag @diff-arch and myself, one of us will reply for sure :slight_smile: