Create curve on surface(non planar) with curve's length we input

polyline and interp on surface I’ve tried, while inputing 1 for curve length (at spot for end of line) or distance i want, it say not know command

can we created curve on surface with length or distance we want?

sorry just need more accurate hehe

InterpcrvOnSrf won’t limit the curve length as you draw on the surface but you can use Divide with the Length option after you have drawn the curve. The command line will tell you the length of the curve currently and allow you to enter the segment lengths you want as well as whether to split the curve at those segments. If you do choose to split the divided result, any excess to the length specified will also be removed at the curve’s end.

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@BrianJ, @cliffonde - SubCrv might be handier - make the curve too long, then SubCrv and tell it how long you want the result.


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Nice, saves the step of deleting any extra segment after divide in the event your original curve is more than twice the length entered.

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Thanks Mr.Pascal and Mr.BrianJ :slight_smile:
divide curve is tricky I can learn :slight_smile: , and Subcrv is what I need in this condition :slight_smile: sweet…