Where are all the sample program codes?

I’ve been digging around on the Rhino site and I can’t find a link that takes me to the developer page, hence I can’t find the samples McNeel has provided.


Try this

And this:

// Rolf

Thank You!

The github repository for developer samples: https://github.com/mcneel/rhino-developer-samples

Do you remember where you were looking on the site to try and find this? Maybe we need to tune some pages up.

From Rhino3d.com, I tried Community, Support and Resources. I tried various links on those pages trying to find it, couldn’t tell you all of them.


There should be a common “top banner menu” on all McNeel sites with the most important section names on that one single top banner menu, a kind of “global navigator”, same top banner menu on all sites, including github.

As it is now all the different sites are making up a total mess. People get lost, including me.

I understand that new sites can pop up over time, due to new and different needs, but exactly for that very reason you need to introduce one single common “navigation top banner menu”. That’s a quick-and-dirty fix, I know, but it works, and a HUGE problem would be solved. I’ve been there, and done that. This is why I know it works.


// Rolf

@bobmcneel we may want to provide access to developer.rhino3d.com from the main landing page. Not sure where would be best though.