IronPython 3 integration

Hi. It would be great to implement Python 3 in the next release of Rhino. I know that there is no release yet, but after the few years of almost no work on the IronPython project, they started to be active again this summer and maybe there will be a release soon. The second thing is that Python 2 will end in 2020. It doesn’t mean that it will really end, but I think there will be no release after the date. The future is v3. Have you been thinking about the upgrade? Thanx

Is there any specific reason that you need Python 3 syntax support?

Just to be futureproof and be uptodate with the language. It’s not about that Python v2 is worse or better (that’s for another discussion, I think that v3 version of the language is more mature), but knowing that there will be no support after 2020 and new code will be mostly in Python 3 gave me an idea to thinking about the upgrade. I’m working with v3 outside the Rhino.

Also, there is no IronPython 3 yet:

even though python 3.0 exists for already 9 years, 3.5 was released in 2015. but since python 3.0 is said to be a deeper change in the structure the older version remains substituted with updates ever since. i have no idea what that means for ironpython but maybe time to change to something more current :smiley:

oh and news to ironpython 3.0 click

I’m referring to the news about IronPython:

and there is significantly higher activity on the project:

Maybe it will get some more love now: