Iris version for OSX

Future relevance warning: This post might not be relevant in one week or so.

Iris has been cross platform from almost the beginning of its development. Since the way plug ins work in Rhino for Mac has been under development, the Mac version of Iris has been hanging out in the shadows, for the most part fully operational, but just not out in the public. Yesterday I posted a public version to Food4Rhino. This has been tested with Rhino 5.1 (5B161) and Rhino WIP (5B148w). Please report back any issues you are seeing, or any great models you are exporting!

that was meant to work with an upcoming release of Rhino for Mac. I’m keeping it there instead of deleting it, but just note, it will be useless to download it until the Rhino for Mac 5.1 release comes out or unless you download the 5.1 Release Candidate (WIP). Apologies if there has been any confusion.