iRhino WIP and clipping planes

One wish would be that the clipping plane can work

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Please try the iRhino WIP; clipping planes should already be working. If they aren’t working for your model, I would like to try and repeat this so we can fix it.


clipping plane does not work

Can you share a model which does not work with a clipping plane?

Yes, how can I share?

by the way this is a very good application that could be taken as a reference for clipping plane with inserted 2D documentation and saving views or snapshot

You can post the file here. If it is a private file, you can send it to me in a private message

Uploading: tiny house.3dm…

Another wish is that the scale of the model can be selected in AR and that it can also be geolocated, with this it would be a powerful tool for construction and site supervision.

Hi Miguel -

It looks like that upload was interrupted before it was completed.

Tiny House.3dm (7.1 MB)

Yes! I’m desperately missing the choice of viewing models at 1:1 scale in AR. (Unless I’m missing the option somewhere). This is essential for me to make this app really useful.

How do you activate clipping planes? I can’t find any button for it.

Right now this is not possible in iRhino. I logged your request here:


You currently can not activate clipping planes, but the model should show items clipped how you saved your model.

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