iRhino v8 for Android

Hello. How about latest build for Android version? Why only iOS? Now the Android is more stable and functional than iOS but you don’t developing tor it. What’s the problem?

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We would love to, it is a matter of time and resources.

We are currently putting a large effort into porting our OpenGL based display code on Mac over to Metal display code. This is a massive project and we figure one of the best ways to test that the metal code actually works is to run the exact same code we have in Mac Rhino on iOS where we can get a lot of people to test and hopefully report bugs.

We don’t have anyone available to work on an Android version at the moment. Hopefully that will change in the future.

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I know many many designers working on Rhino desktop and now waiting for android version for viewing on mobile devices. Believe me, android version will be more popular and testers will be many many more than iOS version.


It isn’t about the platform; it is about the technology. At this point in time we are using iOS to test a huge portion of new code that is going into Mac Rhino. This technology is specific to Apple products and does not exist on other platforms.