Why the secrecy ? :-)

Shouldn’t there be mention/announcement of this imminent big move to Discourse here and here ?

I deleted the Rhino newsgroup from Thunderbird, forgot the Discourse link and I could NOT find it mentioned anywhere. (Ended up accidentally registering to another discourse group).

Hi Thomas- I think those announcements are on the way shortly.

We were planning on a staged roll out starting with the Rhino newsgroup folks. The spots you mentioned would come next as well as

That makes sense. Most of the die-hard NG users have been beta testers for years. It makes sense to give us the first kick at the can.

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I wish you rename the link, or make a paralell link at forum.rhino3d.com, forum.mcneel.com etc. as “discourse” is bad for those with memory/dyslexia issues.


@pascal, @stevebaer … thanks, sounds good.

Will the Ning forums be disabled or mirrored somehow here? I can see grasshopper as a problem if the former will happen.

The current thought would be to keep the Ning sites up, turn the forum feature off, and create a forum box that displays the latest X topics from this forum under the appropriate category show up on the front page. A link in the box would take you to this forum (maybe a specific category page on this forum).

Grasshopper is a special case since it is a very active forum and has become it’s own ecosystem. It will be the last site that we deal with and we may not change anything there at all.

Oh yeah, forgot that we would also set up forums for each supported language of Rhino and notify the existing support sites about this.

Ready for the outcry for localized discourse interface?

It’s already handled. Discourse supports more languages than Rhino does: