Ipy.exe ipy32.exe ipyw.exe ipyw32.exe

Are there any legal reasons why ironpython executables are not packaged with Rhino?

I doubt there are legal reasons, but @brian or @stevebaer would know better.

Can you tell me why you’d want the IronPython executables packaged with Rhino?

I think the answer to your question, however is “no”.

I am thinking of subprocessing ipy.exe from GH in order to reduce the load on that thread and use IronPython instead of Rhino for some calculations.

I have local installation of IronPython, but I don’t know what kind of issues this may cause to mix them up.

Now we’re definitely into @stevebaer’s territory :slight_smile:

This shouldn’t cause any problems. Launching a separate process should work just fine.

Even if Rhino’s ironpython version is different from the one I have locally?

A separate process is a separate process. There shouldn’t be an issue, but I can’t guarantee it.

Ok then is it possible to add the ipy.exe(cutables) to be distributed along with Rhino? This will also answer another topic I created before:

We aren’t going to add this to the distribution (at least not for V6).