Add .exe to Python Rhino PlugIn

Hello there! (watch out a newer to python rhino plugin dev) :wave:

the main issue
I am trying to distribute a small Plug-in for Rhino made by commands written in Python. Now, my commands call .exe with subprocess.Popen(). The question is: how can I distribute those .exe to be installed and be called locally for any other user installing my plugin?

what I have tried out so far
I have been trying to use the RhinoScriptCompiler.exe. From what I see it compiles only the .rhi and/or .rhp. Than I tried to zip my plugin with the .exes and the newly create .rhp and change the extension to .rhi but without any success (like shown here). The structure of the plug-in in the dev folder is the following:


the question
What is the best way to ship those .exe for an IronPython-based Rhino Plug-in?

Thanks so much for any insights on the question! :open_hands:

Hi @andrea.settimi,

How about using the Package Manager?

– Dale