Selection turns invisible

What have I done?
If i select any object it turns invisible. I can perform actions to that selected invisible object. And when finished, it turns back to visible!

@aki - are you in V5 or V6? Is this happening for all Display Modes or only in one? Are your graphic card drivers up to date?

Rhino v6 (up to date).

Nvidia, have to check. But earlier today this worked normally,
so, adapter is Nvidia GeForce GTX970
driver was 27.10.2017
now updated to 23.1.2018

phenomen stays. Even if I save model and exit. And reopen it.

display modes:
Experimented a bit

point objects disappear in all modes (but this was not how it was earlier today)
line object do not disappear in any modes
solid and surfaces, disappear in wireframe, artistic, pen modes

Hello - what happens if you Zoom Extents in all views ? Do the views look normal?


that selected object stays invisible when Zooming extend (ar any other zoom).
Views look normal in other aspects.

Is it possible that somehow your chosen color for selected objects got set to the same as the background color?

That was my first idea. But no, it is not the background color matter. It stays invisible when I change background color.

time has not removed this. But as it makes working nearly impossible, I hope that someone has some ideas.

It has something to do with that model (which has lots of points). As when I create a new model and place some points to it, it works as it should do. Selected points turn yellow and do not hide them.

My guess is the extents if the model are very large - there may be one or more objects in outer space. If you select all the objects that are (visibly) in the scene with a window selection and then Invert , does Rhino report anything selected?

You can send us the file:


selecting visible points with window selection and inverting selection -> Rhino reports “No objects added to selection”
Same thing when doing from two directions.

This may be that the model is large (240 mb) as one another model (120 mb) also has this bug.
But saving (both) model to Rhino5 and opening them with Rhino5 makes this issue to disappear.

I send the first model for investigations.


Hello - is the selection filter set to allow selection of all objects?



Yes, just like that screenshot.

Selected items disappear in Top/Back/Right views.
Turn invisible in Perspective view is “wireframe or “pen””
But stay visible (yellow) in Perspective view if “shaded, rendered, etc (all others except those 2”

Hello - are the display modes you are testing set to default values? (Options > View > Display modes > the ones that are not default will show blue text in the settings.)

Did you send us the file?


They are default. Yes I did, but now (in few minutes [should be now in your desk]) comes a new one having same issue.
I upgraded to Rhino 6.4, no effect on this.

(6.4.18130.19341, 10.5.2018)
did not solve the issue.

Hello - I have your file - it behaves here, so far, in all modes. Can you please try un-checking the setting for

‘GPU Tessellation’

in Options > View > OpenGL page?


unchecked that.

Selection turn invisible, but I can do action to those invible points.
So no effect

also antialiasing set to none does not have any effect.


Pascal Golay kirjoitti 2018-05-22 20:18:

upgrade 6.5
Version 6 SR5 (6.5.18149.14421, 29.5.2018)

no effect

Advice would be helpfull.! This behavious makes Rhino6 totally useless! Selecting an entity makes entity unvisible (hides it).

HP worksation Z230
Zeon E3-1245 v3, Windows 10 64b
32 Gb RAM
Nvidia Geforce GTX 970
Two Philips 272C4 displays á 2560x 1440