Inverted TAB order in modeless forms

Hi guys!
I’m trying to enable form controls navigation in modeless forms using TAB key.
I’ve downloaded @dale samples from GitHub and I’ve basically copied his code and tested in my plugin.
But it doesn’t seems to work properly: as the modeless form is shown, the focus is set to the control with the lowest tab stop index (and that’s correct, I guess) but, as I press TAB key, focus is passed to the control with the highest tab stop index… And that’s not the way it should work, in my opinion.
Pressing again TAB key, the focus is changed again, but from the controls with the higher tab stop indices to the ones with the lower.
So I ran @dale sample (SampleCsModelessTabForm command - to check if I made some mistakes during code copy process) and I found that his code has the same behaviour…
Any suggestion?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @software_comas,

See if the attached fanciness works any better.

FormTabKeyHelper.cs (4.6 KB)

– Dale

I’m sorry, @dale but your code is not working… At least in my plugin.
But I’ve found an easier solution, inspired by your code, that seems to work fine.

ModelessFormTabFixer.cs (1.7 KB)

Hope this helps…