Datagridview in Rhino Panel: [enter] does nothing


I’m using a DataGridView control in my VB.NET Winforms plugin. When a cell of the DataGridView is edited and [enter] is pressed, nothing happens. To commit the edit, I have to tab out of the cell. I can’t figure out why.

In a standalone windows form application with an identical datagridview control, [enter] commits the edit.

Does Rhino have a hook to the enter key or something? Any ideas why this is happening?

(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi Dave,

Is your form modal or modeless? Can you post the source to a simple example this is misbehaving?


Hi dale, here’s a simple example


oh, and you can probably tell from the example, but I think this qualifies as a modeless form

(Dale Fugier) #5

I have not looked at your code yet. But I am guessing your problem is similar to this:

See if the technique used in this sample is helpful.