Invalid mesh from 3D convexhull

So, I am trying to use the 3D convexhull component to get a mesh hull over some points. However, I am doing something wrong by not taking some aspects into account or something like that.

Do you might know how to fix these 3D convexhulls?

Thank you for your response. :smiley:

problem invalid meshes (265.7 KB)

Your meshes are invalid (and apparently not ‘easily’ fixable) prior to the convex hull

regular hull component yields something but probably not what you’re after?

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Yes, I want to get a mesh hull around it so I can cut with this mesh another shape.

Do you might know how to make a hull over the points (if my question is not to difficult)?

I had this problem a couple of times before and now trying to fix it.

These corners could be made less complex, but I do not know how to make the corners ‘okay’ by which I mean that the hull includes all points.

have you seen this reply (different post) ?

Maybe you can try the polyhedra plug-in and test what you get out of the QuickHull…

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I don’t understand

Convex Hull must have all the points inside (not strict). As pointed by _corellaman you must cull duplicates points before using “Convex Hull”.

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