Creating a 3D Convex Hull

Hi all,

I am trying to use Starling and Kangaroo to create a 3D convex hull out of a series of points.

However, the component ‘slHull3d’ is always red with a note saying that “1. Solution exception:Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.Parameter name: index”

I wonder whether there are some rules for arranging the points to make it work?3d convex (29.2 KB)



Try mesh edit. It has a more up to date 3d hull.

Thanks! and then use Kangaroo to shrink the mesh?

The Grasshopper add-on included with RhinoPolyhedra has a QuickHull component.

– Dale


Hi Dale,
I had installed RhinoPolyhedra a couple of years ago and was unaware there was a GH component. After reading this, I just reinstalled it and still don’t see anything anywhere in GH, just the command in Rhino. What am I missing? I’m using Rhino Version 6 SR12. Thanks.

If you have the latest RhinoPolyhedra installed, from Food4Rhino, then you’ll see this in Grasshopper:


And you’ll see this in Rhino’s plug-in manager:

– Dale

Alright, got it! The first time, I dragged and dropped into Rhino, and restarted, which apparently didn’t take. Thanks.