Invaid License key

Hallo reader,
I downloaded the test version from Rhino (Mac) and therefore I’ve got an license key. After typing in the the keywords and pressing “OK” the sentence: “The Rhino for Windows license key you entered is not valid in Rhino for Mac” shows up which is false. Unfortunately Rhino does not recognize that I downloaded the Mac version, so that the License seems invalid. I would be very grateful if someone could help me solve this problem.

thank you in regards

Seems odd. A V6 license key is valid for both Mac and Windows, so you shouldn’t get that message. Did you copy and paste the key from the e-mail you got or try typing it? Maybe try again?

If nothing else, you should contact directly, they can check up on your registration and see what happened…

Since the last time you ran the Rhino V5 for Mac evaluation, V6 for Mac has been released.
You are attempting to use a V6 key in an old V5 Mac.
As you can see, that version mismatch won’t work.

The message you received said it was for Rhino V6.
Item 1 in the message is a link to V6 for Mac.
Download that and replace your old V5 with V6.
Then you can use the new key.

Cheers and Good luck