Why is the license key for trial wrong?

I have downloaded rhino for my Mac Pro and got the license key from the email. However, the rhino said my license key was for windows not Mac, while it stated in the email that it is for Mac?? I am confused.

My guess is you’re trying to use a V6 license key “RH60-xxxx…” in a V5 for Mac.
That won’t work.

Instruction #1 in the email message with the key is the link to the V6 eval installer.

Any luck?

yeah, I think you are right, but problem is I have problem renewing the rhino? I deleted my original one and downloaded the new one but its like this ><

You might have multiple Rhinos in your Applications folder.
Have you EVER answered Yes to the “Keep both/Replace” question?

no it said it needs to be ios13 to run rhino version 6 but I don’t think apple have provided for us to update to ios13 yet. can I asked the company to send me a link for v5?