Intralattice Results are Not What I Expected


I am trying to populate a helmet space (comprised of 2 meshes) with a simple grid, before I try and complicate things for myself. The Rhino file of what should be my helmet is attached.

My issue, is when I run Grasshopper and Intralattice to populate the space I have between my two meshes, the result is not what I am expecting it to be. I am expecting a curved grid, with 3 ‘squares’ between the top and bottom mesh (as I have declared with Number w in Grasshopper - is that correct?). However, the result I get looks nothing like what I am doing, it looks like a mess of many, many grid squares.

Does anyone know what the problem is? Are my meshes too messy (on a side note is there a way to ‘smooth’ out the mesh so it is more curved and not appearing as jagged as there is?)? Can anyone help me with my issue?

volume_space.3dm (8.9 MB) (47.5 KB)