Grasshopper IntraLattice structure Rhino 6

I’m new to Grasshopper and Intralattice and have questions.
I’m trying to make a basic box, but I get invalid mesh.
I have tried to change all parameters without success.
This is the most basic thing you can do in IntraLattice, so I do not know what’s wrong.
And the other question, how do the display mesh report?
This yellow box with mesh report.
Now I can only keep the mouse over the sheep to display message.

Intralattice was surely not updated for Rhino 6. Now Rhino 6 is more stringent on mesh validity. Look here on discourse the discussions on invalid mesh, this could help.

You could also use Dendro to solidify. Crystallon could also be an option.

INTRALATTICE has release a version for Rhino 6. You can download from its website The Rhino 6 has some bugs on the functions for mesh operations. That is the reason the old version intralattice cannot work for Rhino6