Intralattice - problem of struts extending beyond design space

Hello everybody,

I am struggling with a serious problem using Intralattice. Basically, It is used to generate lattice (or cellular) structures (subsequently referred to as LS) within a specified design space. The generated LS are in a mesh form. See for example the definition below, where the design space is an extrusion of a surface.

As you can notice the generated LS mesh does have its struts extending outside of the design space which causes serious problem for 3D printing for example.

The solution I found is doing a boolean operation (intersection) between the LS mesh and a mesh constructed from the (Brep) design space (using the Mesh Brep component) . As for instance here:

However this doesn’t work for my LS mesh. The warning from the Mesh Intersection component reads “Mesh intersection failed”, exactly as it would do if there were no common region between the two meshes.

I noticed though that using the bounding box of the design space as the Brep works:

But, obviously, the bounding box of a shape is different from the shape itself. In the example, while
using the bounding box does the job for cutting away sections of struts extending from the top and the bottom, those extending from the sides are still there.
I am attaching the definition corresponding to the 3rd image (where the Mesh Intersection component fails).

Could you, please, help me to find a solution?

Thank you in advance.

LatticeGeneration’.gh (14.8 KB)

Hello all,

Despite many other attempts my problem is still unsolved.

Has anyone out there has the same problem? I would be pleased to know how it has been solved.

Thanks in advance.