IntraLattice Planter pot question

Hey there, this is my first time using Grasshopper.

I am attempting to create a miniature succulent pot, and I would like to create it using a lattice structure. It is a basic cylinder with a cut out for the plant to fit into it.

When I use the uniform DS I select my basic cylinder model with the extruded hole ( yes they are joined and is one polysurface ) as the BREP input, and it works fairly well, although the ends of the struts arn’t fully closed and in the mesh report it says invalid. I am wondering how I get my mesh to be valid.

Not sure if i just have to make my model slightly bigger, or if I need to adjust my values for the inputs. Any help or guidance would be appreciated it. If you think this would be easier in Weaverbird or cocoon, please let me know.

code? (Grasshopper model with internalized geometry)

I only have what i posted from GrassHopper, i didn’t code anything.

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Intralattice + dendro

IntraLattice Planter (13.5 KB)


That’s amazing thank you so much Joseph!

Do you think you could take another screen shot but with the Names turned on instead of acronyms?

Wow!!! Thanks so much, i’ll study this. Do you think you could take another screen shot but with the Names turned on instead of acronyms?

Please download and check the attached gh file.

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This version ‘11c’ (below) inverts and elevates the construction plane to keep the two cylinder bases in the same plane, since they define the open end. (top) (11.2 KB)

Thank you, I have done this and am tweaking around some of the values to see what everything does. I am looking to 3D print this either FDM or SLA as I have access to both, but there are too many struts/lattices and they are too thin.

When I get the desired amount, they are no longer connected and the report is showing as an invalid mesh now. Do you have any tips for creating something similar to what I am looking to print?

Use the SDiff (Solid Difference) from my model, it is a clean “Closed Brep” (solid) and will be handled well by other “slicing” software closer to the 3D production process.

I was unable to use your cup model to create lattices from, and I’m not sure what you mean by “slicing” software sorry.

I have no experience with this so…

  • Cura. While S3D is considered to be the best “paid” slicer in the market, Ultimaker’s Cura takes the number 1 spot for the Open Source slicers. …
  • Slic3r 3D printing slicer software. …
  • KISSlicer. …
  • OctoPrint 3D printing slicer software. …
  • 3DPrinterOS. …
  • Astroprint. …
  • Repetier 3D printing slicer. …
  • CraftWare 3D Slicer.

Hi, when I download the script, why is the curve to volume function red? and where does this mesh body fit into the lattice script? I can’t get the body with the lattice which you posted above!! thanks

This should help you make the cup:

After that there are lots of different ways to make it fancy - you can use a lattice framework, Voronoi patterns, wavy surfaces, holes or indents of different shapes, etc.

Thanks, I have my own body to use that part is fine, but where does the body go in the script? To stop the red function?Thanks

I have no idea what you’re talking about? It usually works best to post a GH file with a question like this.