Intersection Hang?

This is placeholder topic. I have uploaded a file that hangs consistently when I do Interset.

On my system, if I intersect the the surface (with the black line through it) with the block (with the holes on top), I get a hang.

Thinking this might be a reproducible instance of the intersection bug, I uploaded the file to the support site with a link to this post (before I modified it to do a work around).

Is the Intersect hang a Mac only thing?

I had a file that consistently hung on intersect. Then I rebooted and intersect worked fine. This suggests that there is some system-wide resource involved in this notorious problem.

If you can provide us a file or set of commands to follow so we can reproduce the problem, we would appreciate it.

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I have learned that there is some persistent resource issue involved. I get files that will consistently cause this problem UNTIL I reboot the system.