Intersection.CurveCurve Overlap Domain Bug

Hi there,
I currently try to debug a custom GH Component, that cleans overlapping curves. My Testfile consists of a group of three polycurves, all overlapping at the same edge.

When I look at the intersection domain of the leftmost curve (which has a domain of [0 to 4]) with the two others, I would expect it to be the same (maybe within a slight tolerance). but with one curve I get the domain [0 to 1], and with the other [4.0 to 4].
This really doesn´t make sense to me, that´s why I thought it might be a bug.
Please find attached a small GH file where I internalized the three curves.
Please let me know wether I just got something fundamentally wrong, or if it is a bug.
Thanks in advance,
best Max (7.5 KB)