Grasshopper: region intersection for multiple circles

I am trying to do a region intersection for multiple circles. I want to calculate the area that is overlapping. Unfortunately doing multiple regions is not working very well.

It’s a little tricky to not count overlapped intersections twice but Boundary Surface magic seems to handle that by combining them.

In fact, it works so well that the CullPt (Cull Duplicates) filter can be removed.

Wow, thanks a lot @Joseph_Oster, this is exactly what i was looking for!

Test it if it works with your points

I tested it with my points, it works really well. Unfortunately it is very slow, because it has to check for each circle if it intersects with each circle. I am trying to do an optimization by moving the points around to minimize the overlapping area and in combination with this script it takes too long to run.

Try this

circ (10.0 KB)

I think it is almost working, only problem are these areas, which are created when there is an enclosed area between the circles. Also the second last component I couldn’t find the plugin for it.