I feel kinda dumb asking a question so simple but here it goes:

If you take a look at this definition (20.6 KB)

Theres two sets of points connected to an interpolate node. (You may have to bake the points in rhino, do “selall” then “zoom selected” to find the area the points are in since theyre not at the 0,0.)

Any way, the bottom set works fine, you can see theres points that are strung into one curve. The top set doesn’t… and I dont understand why not. Theres nothing inherently different about the two configurations…

Secondary question that is a bit more complicated: is there a way to make the interpolated curve more “direct” as in connect to its closest nieghbor so that it doesnt have to turn back on itself multiple times and make large arcs to connect the further out points in a set of points?

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Remove duplicated points first and have a try Sequential Closest Points from neoarchaic.

Sequential Closeat (29.1 KB)

thank you that looks promising :slight_smile:

any idea why the first set didnt work in my original definition but it did in the second set?

So, you want interpolate curve works without removing duplicated points? I don’t understand why anyway, Change the knot spacing(Style=0)