Internalize Data / Grasshopper database

Hi everyone,

I have this situation where I’m getting data from an analysis program and then doing some optimization within GH. Im using a toggle to run the software and get the data however when I toggle false the data goes away, I have to toggle false if im wanting to do anything in GH as any changes triggers the analysis again. I want to have the workflow as fluid as possible. I’m wanting to save the data I get from the software into a sort of database. Right now I am automatically writing to an excel sheet however I would prefer to store the data in the GH file. I want to append the data to the previous data to I can see the convergence of the data. I know I can manually internalize the data but I don’t want to do that either.
Ive just shown an quick example of what I mean. Hope everything is clear, thanks.

The data recorder component might do the trick. Once activated, it stores all data that you input.