Internalize bitmap

I can`t seem to internalize a bitmap(option is greyed out)
is it at all possible or is there a workaround?

i can save in gh file with image sampler but I haven`t been able to get a lightweight picture in the rhino viewport with that method

display bitmap in (10.8 KB)

bitmap float in viewport at corner, and allow to modify transparency and size.


That’s a great plugin, but it is a bit beyond the scope of my goal.
I guess I haven’t explained myself correctly.
The main goal is to internalize a bitmap in the grasshopper document so that I can pass the script on to my fellow workers
the bitmap will function as part of a “material” on an object in the Rhino viewport.
I can manage this easily with a referenced bitmap, but I`d like it to work “standalone”

internalize (806.1 KB)
I add this component in version 1.6.1. I haven’t upload it to I am going to do tonight. You can manually update this plugin to 1.6.1. (3.3 MB)

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The “SurfaceRelief” components are not compatible with Rhino6?

require 7.15 or above


That is working great. Thanks!
(still curious why this isn’t possible natively)

For safety, bitmap in grasshopper must be wrapped to class then serialise. Use BmpUnwrap component to deserialise, if you need raw bitmap data.