Internalise data cant be shown when copied (11.8 KB)

I copied components from another Grasshopper script that had internalized data, but after copying, the internalized data is missing. Can you please tell me how I can show the data on my current script?

Best Keisuke,

Everything seems fine here.
All your components have preview turned off.
(you can turn them one one by one by right-click over the component, or by selecting many and right click in an empty space of the canvas)
Also check the preview settings of your gh document. There are many combinations that might disable preview.

Also, your geometries are really far from the origin (usually bad for tolerance and reliability of the workflow).
You might be looking in the wrong place! Try to bake any piece of your geometries and then use Zoom Extents rhino command:
2023-04-06 12_44_41-Window

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Dear Ricardo,
Thank you for the your response!
it seems that i had to understand the preview system
Everything you advised me is pretty useful!
Best, Keisuke

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