Interior sculpture/ramp/oculus rendering

I settled on a slightly off-kilter, extremely wide-angle interior perspective for my self-directed and entirely-imaginary “Paradis House” architectural project. The project concept seems vaguely hallucinatory, so I decided to just go with that idiom for the visualization. At this point, I’m doing something like a digital painting in Photoshop over line and shading framework exported from Rhino7 using the Capture Viewport to File command with extremely customized Viewport Display Modes. Very few objects in the model have applied texture decals or textured materials.


Looks cool. Nice and understandable look the the image.

Until, I read the text, I thought you used a Cel-shader. I wonder if there that is within the capability of Rhino’s PBRs.

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There is something like a cel shader (really, a sort of viewport display mode) called “flair effects” in the Rhino 8 WIP. There are several forum threads about it. Some elements didn’t seem to work properly on my PC the last time I looked at it, but eventually McNeel will get it right.

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