Interactve 3d-models with webGl / html5

hello all,

can anybody share experiences putting 3d-files online using html5 using webGl editors?

for my interactive online presentations i still use wirefusion, a java based software. its a little bit outdated, which i did not mind until now.
since some months, java-content is blocked in all browsers for security issues, so the visitor has to click away a warning and confirm to accept the risk. this is a severe restriction, but oracle does not seem to care and there has not been any reaction since months. so i think its time to make a change.

html5 includes webGL, so this looks like a good option as there is no plugin needed to show and view 3d content within the browser.

as i have very poor programming skills, i am searching for a software with a grafic interface. i know, there is “VSR WebGL Export” from virtualshape, a free rhino-plugin. but it does not seem to offer possibilities to create interfaces to interact with the model.
i need:

  • possibilities to show / hide parts of models
  • use animations (object and camera)
  • change textures
  • create interface elements (buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, sliders, …)

to show what i mean, here are some examples i created with wirefusion:

besides the rhino plugin i found some standalone applications, but i am not shure, if they fit my needs:

  • coppercube

  • cl3ver
    (they have some interestingexamples (1, 2), but a very unattractive license model (like adobeCC or future autodesk)

also found webGlstudio, just cant find how to use it.

does anybody have experiences with the above or other software?
ot anything else to recommend?

cheers roberto