Customized 3D rhino model displayed on a website


I know there is a plug in that can export Rhino model into 3D PDF, that can be then used to show a 3D model on a website.

However, I can’t use this technique for what I want: I would like to be able to input some parameters on my website, and generate a design from them (with a python program for example) that would automatically display the result on my website.Is it possible?

If it doesn’t, that would be a great feature for 3D printing!

Thank you for your help,


As long as you can export from your program to WebGL format, this can be shown in any modern browser. I know that 3D printer companies (Shapeways comes to mind) can show the uploaded STL files. The difficult part will be going from your program to WebGL.

I like using SketchFab and find that clients really like the features. I have 3DPDF and other Web based solutions, but SketchFab seems to load and display better and you have more control over materials, environments, and lighting. Here is an example that really won one of my toughest clients over to 3D.


check out Iris, it might be part of the solution:


Thank you all. WebGL seems to be what I was looking for, even if it is a language I don’t know. SketchFab seems good as well, but there is no option to change the design (just the rendering).