Recommendation on Web-Plugin (3D interactive model view)

Hello Rhino Community!

Do anyone have any recommendation of web-plugin that allows user to view 3D rendered models on a part of the webpage? It would be nice if there is a function that would allow the user to change the colour of some parts of the furniture and still view it as a 3D object.

I tried doing small VR animation on Keyshot, however the part of the furniture cannot be replaced with another colour as preview.

How About Iris?

Hello Rodri

Thank you for the recommendation. Does food4rhino requires the texture mapping/ rendering on rhino before exporting it on the web? I am currenltly using Rhino on Mac OSX and it seems to be limited to the rendering/ texture mapping function.

Actually, Iris has its own dedicated forum here, where bigger brains than mine will be able to help you further:

: )