Is there a way to add some interactivity to my definition? I meant clickable objects on the graphical screen.

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I’m not sure I know what you mean. If you want to click-interact with objects in the rhino viewport try the “clickable mesh” component from human.

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Clickable mesh works in human gui graphic window?

no, only in the rhino viewport. You can also interact with 2d shapes by turning on a “click mode” (right-click option) in the create shapes component - a value listener attached will tell you the indices of the shape(s) the user clicked on.

wow that sounds very promising. Thank you!

Here is an example, showing the three interaction modes in different tabs; “Button mode” returns true for that item while the mouse is down and switches back to false immediately. “Toggle Mode” lets you enable/disable each item, enabling you to select multiple shapes. Finally, “Picker” mode operates like a radio button, where selecting one item deselects the others.
Interactive (14.4 KB)



Amazing!!! Thank you very much!