Integrate Text into the UI

Is it possible to integrate interactive text into the UI. ?
I really miss this possibility. :unamused:

can you add support for these scripts?
Change_Slider Change Value (6.1 KB)

We cannot support those scripts because they manipule attributes of input parameters. This is not compatible with the way ShapeDiver servers process inputs and send back solutions.

My guess is that you wanted to override the contents of a value list in order to use it as a text output in the parameters panel, as described in your first message:

We are exploring the possibility to display the content of data outputs in the control panel. However, since the data can be more than a short string (think a full JSON object or an entire tree of data), we want to find a convenient solution for all cases. I will let you know when we make progress on this topic.

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It’s a shame, :sweat_smile:
that we have to wait for such simple things.
Is there a ready-made solution for short lines?