Display some text on control panel


I have uploaded a script to Shapediver and there is one text input component but it’s not showing. I have tried many things, changing the default value, replacing the component, attaching it to some text output. What I am trying to do actually is display some static text on the control panel, not in the scene, so that the user can actually copy it. Hence my questions are following:

  1. Is there any way to display specific text on the control panel?
  2. Why doesn’t my text input work?

Attached is the file that I uploaded to SD.
Please help.

Pattern.gh (14.5 KB)

The text input you are using is not influencing any output, hence it’s not detected as a parameter that would have any influence on the results and is therefore not included in the detected parameters.

Please connect your text input somehow to the logic which generates the output data. If you don’t want the text to influence the geometry, simply connect it to a data output component.


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