Integers get converted to strings when opening .gh definition on mac


I have a definition made in grasshopper for rhino5 on pc. I sent that to a friend, and when he tries to open it on mac it interprets some of the integers as strings.
Can anyone open the definion on their mac and see if the same problem occurs?

In our case, we get 80mm & 120mm interpreted as strings, whereas the 160mm gets interpreted as integer. (on mac). Screenshots below:

On pc, everything works as it should.
Thanks (9.2 KB)

Any data inside a panel is always of type text. I’m on an iPad now and cannot check your file, but is it possible you have trailing whitespace after some of your text values?

Hi David,
nope, no whitespaces after the text.

There probably is an issue with the encoding of your text inside the panel component. Simply retyping the three numbers solved the problem! I’m using Rhino for Mac 5.5.3!

I doubt that this is caused by an incompatibility between Windows and Mac Grasshopper, at least between the latest versions, since I look at a lot of files from both systems and never encountered this inconvenience before.

Have you maybe copied and pasted the text from another application (e.g. text editor)?

It’s very strange, can’t see a problem with the file. @dan can you repeat the failure on GH for Mac?

I am able to reproduce the issue as reported above in Rhino 5 for Mac 5.5.3. However, I cannot reproduce this issue in the RhinoWIP for Rhino 6 for Mac. @Andres Please test out the Grasshopper in the latest RhinoWIP, it’s much better in many many ways.

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Nope, I did not copy the text :wink:

What I posted is just a fraction of a much larger definition we’ve been working on. We handled the initial errors via retyping the values inside a panel, but along the definition a lot of vectors get opposite directions for extrusion, move, etc. Is there a reason why is this happening?

this has been happening for a while (or, the whole time GH has been on Mac):

That said, as @Dan has said, this appears to no longer happen in the WIP… i can now open the trouble definitions in those old posts (as well as yours in this thread) without the error…

at this point, i’d say your best chance at avoiding this is to use Grasshopper in the Mac WIP version instead of V5