Instant preview of points and numbers currently being typed

In the last couple of WIPs the dynamic feedback in all commands that accept a point immediately reacts to typing a point at the command prompt. It should automatically work in most geometry creation commands, from Point and Line to more complex commands.

Similarly some commands immediately react to a single number. This has to be evaluated and added command by command, so it’s an ongoing process. The commands currently done are ExtrudeCrv, ExtrudeSrf, ArcBlend, Catenary, Circle, Extend, Revolve, Arc, Offset, Ellipse, Ellipsoid and Torus.
Some may not be hooked up in the current WIP yet.



that’s quite nice to have!
I didn’t know until your post.

For beginners it is often a problem to press Enter after typing a value…
Unbelievable, but it is.