Commands don't accept keyboad inputs?


In Rhino 7 and earlier versions, you can start the creation process of an object - for instance a point or box -, by simply clicking on the appropiate button in the tool palette or by typing in the appropriate command, which I prefer, than for instance for the point you could simply enter a string of three coordinates (e.g. 1, 1, 1) and confirm with Enter to place the point.
This doesn’t seem to work in the latest Rhino 8 WIP version. When entering the Point, Box, etc. commands, you can only proceed with the mouse. When you start typing to give a text-based input each keystroke provokes an annoying beeping sound, because the cursor is not placed in the active command text field.

Hi Marc -

I launch Rhino and start a new model, then type Point and continue to type 0. That places a point at the origin. The same with creating a box. I never need to touch the mouse.
Have you modified the UI in the latest WIP?

Yes, that seems to have caused the issue. I had removed all containers except the main one where the command field is attached to, really everything. The main container was also floating and not attached to the main Rhino window with the viewport(s).
I’ve since put some back, and now the input seems to work as expected.

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: