Installl V5 upgrade, without v4

So my 8.1 upgrade deleted all my programs. My V4 is home, do I need that to install V5 upgrade?

Thanks, I can wait until tomorrow if need be and just run trial for today.


PS, I do have my Rhino4 SN here, just found it.

Should I install 4 first? Been a while, duh!

Getting V4, thanks

Have a look here… (mid-page)


Upgrading 8.1 over 8? Hmmm, that doesn’t sound great… :fearful:


I didn’t expect it to, delete my installed programs. Realized I need my V4 disc , the download, even with my key will not install :smile:(

Double ouch… It’s supposed to work. Let’s see, the download is always the same, your V5 key is an upgrade key, so at the moment you enter that, it should just ask you to enter your V4 key as well… that doesn’t work? Something very wrong then…


Thanks Mitch, I will try that, just putting v5 upgrade cd into pc. I will keep you updated


That worked Mitch. I downloaded V4 SR9 and that would not install.

Ciao! Thanks again.

That is correct, you cannot install V4 SR’s directly, you need to install first from a disc and then upgrade to the latest SR.