Upgrade install shortcut?


I want to install Rhino3D 5 (64-bit) on another computer. Years ago, I started with version 3, after which I bought an upgrade to version 4 and finally an upgrade to version 5. If I want to install this on a new computer, I need to install version 4 in order to be able to get 5 on it, and to get 4 on it, I first need to install version 3. So a bunch of installs and uninstalls until I finally get (only) version 5 on my computer. Is there a way to shortcut this? - Thanks!

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

You shouldn’t have to do this. When you install the RH5 upgrade, you are asked to just insert your RH3 or RH4 disk to prove that you have a previous version but you are not required to install this. Does this not work this way in your case?


thanks, Wim! Well, another problem I have is that my new computer does not have a CD player anymore. Is there a way to download earlier versions (I would actually have to go back to version 2.0, as that was the one I started with).


You don’t need to install the old disc. Just have the old keycode handy and enter it when prompted. I did almost 100 installations of Rhino 5 here, and I didn’t have to put the V4 CD in a single time.



Thanks, Dan! Finally found the proper install file for Rhino 5 to install by just entering the keycode. Now trying to do the same for the right Flamingo nXT version.