Installing SR13 fails on Win 7 Enterprise

I am trying to install rh50_en-us_5.13.60523.20140.exe, but I get the following error from the installer:

Unsupported Window Version Detected

Rhinoceros 5 requires Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Please upgrade your computer to a compatible version of Windows before installing.

I am running Windows 7 Enterprise SP1. What could I do to get around this?

FWIW, I’m running RH5 SR13 on Win 7 Enterprise, SP1 so there must be something else going on…

Interesting. I wonder if it has anything to do with how the systems here are managed by our IT department. I suppose I need to find out where the log is stored, and send that on. Would you happen to know?

FWIW, previous versions installed fine.

Please find the reason and solution here:

That was exactly the problem, thanks for the help, Kelvin.

I had to follow the debug steps on your help pages to get past a 1603 error, and uninstall all old files, but eventually got it to work. I very much appreciate how much work has gone into the installation debug pages on your website!

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