Installation problems



installing the V5/32 trial doesn’t work:

The .net framework is still there.
Also the manual installation of .net4, recommended in the error message, doesn’t help.
The same error message comes up when trying to install Rhino again.

What can we do?



Any of the stuff on this page help? (thinking specifically of “.NET Framework 4 Required: Rhino 5 installer keeps asking for .NET Framework 4”, mid page…



Oh what a shame.
I didn’t know this page.

Thanks for the hint.

I’ll report back if it now works or not.



No, didn’t help.
Same as before.
While I’m not sure the prospective customer did it all right…

Other ideas?



Not from me - that’s now above my pay grade - I guess @brian will need to jump in here…
Sorry, --Mitch

(Brian Gillespie) #6

Hi Charles,

Does this page help? It has a section for this problem.

Brian Gillespie


I posted that link earlier, it doesn’t appear to have helped according to Charles…

(Brian Gillespie) #8

The trick is the .NET repair tool, I think. If that fails, remove .NET 4.0 Extended and try a reinstall.

Brian Gillespie