Installation 0f an update removes the Rhino Icon from the taskbar

Hi there,

I have noticed that every time after I install an update of Rhino 6 the Rhino Icon in the taskbar disappears.
I can only put it back there the I have restarted the PC.
This feels like a small bug to me or am I doing something wrong here?

Hi @ruudvanveelen,

I have logged the issue as RH-44610

Thanks for reporting,


Same here.

thanks for the quick response.

The installation of SR9 still causes the removal of the Rhino icon from the taskbar (Windows 10).

The issue hasn’t been solved yet, and currently is marked for the future. You’ll have to make a case with @brian to have him reconsider the schedule of this bug.

I believe I reported this weeks if not months ago

I reported it already 2 years ago :confused: