Inspector Panel: active icon color

In Rhino for Mac (5.5.2 5F85), the Right Sidebar selected inspector panel icons are blue and easy to read. However, in the RhinoWIP (6.12.18338.15016, 2018-12-04), the selected inspector panel icons are shown white and much harder to visualize. Can the selected icon color be changed back to blue, or some other distinguishable color? (I’m using macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.6)


I don’t remember in H Sierra but in Mojave you choose the colour you want for the highlight

System pref.> General


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Thanks for chiming in. Though for some reason the icon colors (in High Sierra) don’t change. Currently have my highlight color set to orange.


Sorry I used the wrong term … it’s the accent colour that needs to be changed.


Guess I’ll have to wait until I upgrade to Mojave then :wink: (Accent color is not available in HSierra)