Inspect Element crashes when opening file

Having an issue with the Inspect Element component. When shift clicking to view the parameters everything goes smoothly. However, after connecting the wires and Control clicking to minimize then I get an error message. Nothing fails in the component.

The main issue is after I close the file and reopen I get an error message and the Inspect Element component completely disappears and I have to reset it. This becomes tedious after awhile when there are so many parameters that I’m using to set.

Any help is appreciated.


I know this error and I believe it’s resolved in the current Release Candidate (1.4). We will either be releasing 1.4 Stable today or next week (i think the plan is next week, but it might be ready).

I still get the occasional Undo exception when collapsing the inspect element, but harmless.

Thanks Japhy, I’ll try out the new release when available

Hey Japhy,

It doesn’t look like the new release is out yet on the main site. Is there an estimated time for the release?

A guestimate? late next Tuesday. That said i did have a 1.4 rc inspect element misbehave the other day (couldn’t delete it).

Being critical to a lot of workflows please see this alternative for getting parameter keys.

Query Element Parameters can be intensive on a large list, so here I use list item to isolate one and query by Name.

Thanks for the work around, didn’t think of that route.

Turns out feeding the type from Element Type into the Element parameter and querying them by name returned what I needed. Same output as Inspect Element