Insert Point, MidPoint

Would anybody be in favour of having a midpoint option on InsertPoint? So as a command line option, pick midpoint, and then the picked point on the subd will trace through all midpoints. Although, maybe that’s possible through insert edge with proportional.

Hello - for now, Between and Vertex snaps can combine for a Mid. But, I guess ideally Mid should work here, rather than have a special option but that may not be possible.


Or similar to “InsertKnot” have an option which turns on mid-point markers which can be snapped to when inserting points.

Midpoints Places markers half-way between the existing knots/knot lines that can act as guides for inserting knots midway between existing knots.

Yep, though both Mid and the InsertKnot mid thing rely on information that does not exist on a mesh edge… So I do not know how easy that is to implement. But, I can always ask.


Yeah, the markers way may be nice. It’s just because it’s something I’m doing quite a lot. I get that the mid point would only be useful in cases where you’re going in ‘u’ or ‘v’ direction in a perfect all quad grid 4 sided scenario. Not cutting across edge loops.

In the straight scenario, it would be two clicks instead (first mid point, end of mid point point insertion). I can see it would be difficult to cover all scenarios (like in the case of running into an adjacent loop).

I can see clearly that the above method is the optimal way really. So my insert point at mid request i overkill I think.

@Jonathan_Hutchinson - InsertEdge, Type=Ring, Mode=Range, plus Between and Vertex osnaps should be the quickest, I think.


The Midpoint (Mid) object snap DOES WORK with the InsertPoint command. When I start the InsertPoint command, I have to select a SubD. If the SubD display mode is smooth, it automatically switches to flat mode. If the Midpoint object snap is turned on, I can use it on the SubD edges.

Hi Andrew,

It’s right, that the mid snap works. But, I thought it could help for it to jump through intermediary midpoints, if picking face 1 in a loop, then the 10th face, rather than 9 clicks for each face edge midpoint.

Pascal rightly suggests, though, to use insert edge between a range, and with proportional turned on, and that what’s needed.

Is between even needed?